Four Bar Ribbon Stack


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Four Bar Ribbon Stack


Sensually delicious chocolate is carefully crafted from cacao beans grown on the sun-drenched Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, transported to Italy, and infused with prime and savory ingredients from around the world. Exquisitely packaged with the Vestri's artisan touch, these chocolates give a new meaning to flavorful and fabulous. This delectable collection includes one bar of each of the following flavors:
  • "Vista Alegre" signature 50 gm dark chocolate bar from the Vestri Plantation, featuring their own harvest of Dominican cacao.
  • Vestri 100 gm milk chocolate bar with Bronte Sicilian bright green pistachios, considered the world's best pistachios.
  • Vestri 50 gm white chocolate bar with Brazilian pink peppercorns—unique, innovative, and unusual flavor.
  • Vestri 100 gm milk chocolate bar with Piedmont hazelnuts—classic nuts from the protected Langhe hazelnut growing region.

Four Bar Ribbon Stack

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