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Neiman Marcus celebrates bold women with bold voices — the leaders and influencers (we call them Noisemakers) who are creating change in everything from art and fashion to philanthropy and technology.

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Fall Faces of Beauty Chosen from nearly 1,000 entries across the country, these five extraordinary women embody beauty, brains, and passion.
Brittani 'Brit' Rettig
Brittani "Brit" Rettig Dallas, Texas Founder & Owner, Grit Fitness

Last year Brit, a Harvard alum, left a corporate career to pursue her passion in the fitness industry. She opened her own studio to rave reviews and recently launched a second location.

"Helping others through fitness is my purpose in life, so I believe I can't fail. I love that I get to play a role in helping people become their best selves. I want to leave a legacy of encouragement and help women boldly chase their dreams."
Haley Kilpatrick
HALEY KILPATRICK Atlanta, Georgia Founder, Girl Talk

At age 15, Haley started Girl Talk to help middle schoolers build confidence and learn the importance of kindness. Today, the nonprofit has served more than 55,OOO girls in eight countries.

"Women need other women! We need to help, love, and support each other-and we need to model this to young girls and encourage them to dream big. Together, we're investing in a generation of kinder, more confident women."
AMY MARTIN-FRIEDMAN San Francisco, California Photographer

An advocate against domestic violence, Amy started the photojournalism Project A Day In My Shoes in 2OO8. Her work has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for women's crisis centers and domestic-violence support programs.

"Stand up for what you believe in, and take a stand for the underdog. If you believe in something strongly, do it. No matter how many times you hear 'no,' have the gumption to move forward and work harder."
JESSICA HARTHCOCK Nashville, Tennessee Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Utilize Health

After a gymnastics accident left her paralyzed, Jessica spent years traveling in search of treatments. Over the course of six years, she made a full recovery and vowed to create a networking service to help others find the resources they need.

"When failure happens, the point is to push through day after day and learn from it. You can't give up!"
HANNAH BAE Brooklyn, New York Freelance Journalist/Writer

As a journalist, Hannah is committed to diversity, gender equality, and fair representation of Asian Americans in media. She works to highlight the people and movements that are promoting cultural progress.

"I hit the proverbial glass ceiling early and often throughout my career. Faces like mine still aren't the norm in newsrooms, especially in leadership roles. It's important for me to work with other women of color to encourage diversity."
"Believe in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. Also, find a mentor."

—Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza

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