Sheepskin Rug

Soft, plush, natural sheepskin rugs are available in a variety of splendid shades. Choose (top to bottom) Champagne, Ivory, Chocolate, Stone, Black, Gray (not shown), or Muted Taupe (not shown). Imported.

Sizes are approximate.

We recommend using a rug pad with every indoor rug to prolong its beauty by minimizing everyday wear and tear and providing a little breathing space to help prevent fiber damage. A pad also helps stabilize the rug, reducing slippage on hard floors.

Sheepskin Rug, 2' x 3'
Original: $149.00 Special Value: $119.00



Sheepskin Rug, 2' x 6'
Original: $299.00 Special Value: $239.00



Sheepskin Rug, 6' x 7.5'
Original: $1,169.00 Special Value: $999.00



Sheepskin Rug, 6' x 6'
Original: $879.00 Special Value: $699.00



Sheepskin Rug, 4' x 6'
Original: $629.00 Special Value: $499.00