Aquazurra Q & A

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What shoe does every woman need?
My Sexy Thing Bootie. It's the perfect year-round shoe that takes you from day to night. It's sexy, sleek, and very comfortable.

What can you tell about a woman by her shoes?
Everything! Shoes are emotional for women. They portray how she wants to feel, as well as her personality. A woman can wake up one day and wear a pump because she wants to feel strong going to the office. The next day, it could be a flat to run around in because she wants to be comfortable. And at night? A strappy sandal so she'll feel sexy going out.

Do you have a motto?
If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!

Tell us about the Spring collection. What inspired you?
The theme is "Pop Jungle." It's a contrast between the lifestyle of a chic, bohemian French woman who travels to exotic places like Marrakesh and the sexiness of modern pop. The result is a very playful collection--a melting pot."

What's something you've changed your mind about?
When I started, I only made single-sole shoes, because I felt the market was full of platforms and they felt tired. This Cruise Collection, I started designing platform wedges, which are great for the Summer, and for Pre-Fall 2015 I'm doing '70s-inspired platforms. I love the '70s look with long maxi dresses and wide-leg pants, and those work best with platforms.

Best thing about being a designer?
Being able to make women be even more beautiful.

The woman you design for--what is she like?
I never think of a specific kind of woman. Instead, I address a modern woman who has a hectic and active life. She loves to travel, has a taste for beautiful things, and wants to enjoy life, which is where the importance of comfort comes in. I want women to be able to walk in my shoes all day and feel great."

You have quite an international background. How does that influence your designs?
My aesthetic is like me; it's a mix. I was born in Cartagena, Columbia, raised between Miami and London, and now have lived in Florence for the past 10 years. Aquazzura mixes all those influences. It's Italian style with Latin flair and American ease. I like my shoes to be easy and timeless, but at the same time, sexy and modern. I want to make women beautiful, but never feel uncomfortable.

What site do you visit daily?

What's next?
This is a very exciting moment for my brand. We're working on many collaborations very soon--and yes, bags are also in the works.