Sigma Skincare
Advanced Shaving Cream


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Sigma Skincare
Advanced Shaving Cream

Thanks to next-generation technology available only in Sigma Advanced Shaving Cream, now men can enjoy a significantly superior shave. When used as directed, this product delivers the following distinctive benefits:
  • In-vivo human trials have shown that Sigma Advanced Shaving Cream noticeably reduces—in many cases eliminates—nicks and cuts, compared with traditional shaving creams and gels.
  • Utilizing special viscoelastic microparticles, razor glide is improved, creating less drag and allowing the blade to get closer to the skin, without actually touching.
  • Facial hair is cut several microns shorter, allowing for a closer shave. The result is a closer, more comfortable shave that leaves a smooth texture without nicks and cuts.
After extensive research and development, Sigma Skin is proud to introduce this true innovation in shaving technology, so men can feel and look their best.

4 oz.

Sigma Skincare Advanced Shaving Cream

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