Sigma Skincare
Leave-In Conditioning Treatment


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Sigma Skincare
Leave-In Conditioning Treatment

Men thinning at the hairline, as well as the vertex, finish with Sigma's Leave-In Conditioning Treatment because it contains actives proven to re-grow hair beyond the vertex, where minoxidil is effective. Plus, conditioners relieve the brittle feel sometimes associated with minoxidil.

In clinical trials, these complementary compounds—apple polyphenol, adenosine, retinol, caffeine, and others —have demonstrated that they:
  • Regulate the damaging effects of testosterone for thicker hair.
  • Quell oxidative stress and preserve keratin for longer strands.
  • Dilate blood vessels to improve hair-follicle nutrition.
  • Stimulate follicles' anagen phase for fuller hair coverage.
These ingredients, in addition to Sigma's Step 2 Minoxidil 5% Spray, mean new growth at the hairline, in addition to the vertex.

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Sigma Skincare Leave-In Conditioning Treatment

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