Slatkin & Co.
Black Tea & Berries Candle

Stimulate your olfactory senses with the Black Tea & Berries deluxe single-wick candle from Slatkin & Co.

Ranked the #1 scent in today's market by The New York Times.

• Black tea and berries are enhanced with the essence of fresh lavender, cassis, and currants.
• 45 hours of burn time.
• 14% fragrance (approximately double that in other candles).
• Burns evenly and completely with no tunneling, eliminating the risk of burning your fingers while lighting the wick.
• Lead-free wick reduces fire and is non-carcinogenic.
• Reusable glass container that can be re-purposed as a juice glass.

Slatkin & Co.
Black Tea & Berries Candle



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