Penguin & Chick Hand Cooler


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Penguin & Chick Hand Cooler

A representation of unconditional love is captured in the form of a glass mother penguin feeding her young. Designed by Taf Lebel Schaefer for Steuben Glass. 1.75"W x 1.5"D x 2.625"T. Made in the USA.

History of the Hand Cooler:
Usually a figurine of marble, glass, crystal, or stone the size and shape of a small egg; hand coolers were used by ladies during the 18th and 19th centuries to cool hands during the summer or after dancing to prevent sweaty palms.

About Steuben
Based in New York for over a century, Steuben believes that, no matter how advanced technology becomes, the things we cherish most are those made by hand. In 1933, Steuben created a prismatic crystal formula that could capture, reflect, and refract light unlike anything else in the world. In 1940, it began the tradition of collaborating with contemporary artists to create beautiful objects that add pleasure to living and commemorate the passage of time. Exquisitely sculpted, delicately balanced, and flawless by design, Steuben crystal is crafted by accomplished artisans, polished to a brilliant gleam, and inspected with exceptional thought and care. It is the perfect accompaniment to a meaningful gathering and equally suited to an impromptu dinner party at home.

Steuben Penguin & Chick Hand Cooler

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