The Big Brush Company
Styling Kit for Short-Length Hair

Introducing The Big Brush Company. The specialist in professional hairstyling tools.

Co-founded by International UK hairstylist Grange Snell, whose career spans more than 24 years of professional hair care, Mr. Snell has studied exactly what the professional hairdresser and consumer alike want in the very best hair products.

Styling Blow Dry Kit for Short Hair Contains:
• 25mm full round brush
• 33mm full round brush
• 2 Carbon Sectioning Clips
• 1.7 ounce Blow Dry Serum

Round brushes are made with nano-silver and ceramic on the barrel, helping to keep your hairbrush clean at all times but also adding incredible shine to your hair. No glue is used in the construction, only compressed parts. Your brush will not fall apart. Stone re-enforced bristles provide longevity and perfect tension on your hair.

Our unique Blowdry Boutique hi-gloss style serum contains oat protein and rice bran protein to re-hydrate and moisturize your hair as you blowdry, again adding incredible shine to your hair.Carbon sectioning clips give exceptional longevity, heat resistance, and anti-static qualities. Section your hair to make blowdrying easier whilst offering greater flexibility and speed to your blowdry.

The Big Brush Company
Styling Kit for Short-Length Hair



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