Laura Mercier Brush

  • Creme Eye Detail Brush

    Creme Eye Detail Brush
    More Details A high quality synthetic brush designed for precise application of Laura Mercier crème eye colour products. Specifically designed to allow for intricate eye detail. Pointed tip allows for absolute precision. The Crème Eye Colour Detail Bru...
  • Lip Colour Pull Apart Brush

    Lip Colour Pull Apart Brush
    More Details A natural brush perfectly shaped for precisely lining the lip line. Sculpted to give perfect control. Finely rounded tip and tapered sides allows for precise lining of the lip line. Pure, top quality sable provides ideal texture and firmness for appl...
  • All Over Eye Colour Brush

    All Over Eye Colour Brush
    More Details A large flat head brush with a beveled edge to smooth, perfect application of base shades. The large head allows for quick maneuvering and application of eye colors. How to use: Pick up product with brush. Tap off excess. Sweep brush towards the...
  • Secret Camouflage Pull-Apart Brush with Lid

    Secret Camouflage Pull-Apart Brush with Lid
    More Details A synthetic brush perfectly shaped for precise application in the tiniest areas—shadows, corners of eyes, tiny scars or blemishes. Specifically designed for use with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.
  • Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush

    Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush
    More Details Synthetic. Double-ended with small, pointed bristles on one end and thin, short, angled bristles on the other. Use wet or dry with Eye Brow Powder Duo .
  • Cheek Colour Brush

    Cheek Colour Brush
    More Details A natural-haired brush sized to perfectly shape the cheek bone. Medium sculpted brush head Squirrel hair provides softness in application and goat hair offers durability. Best used with Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour. Approximately 8 1/4"/20.96cm.
  • Fan Brush

    Fan Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush, specifically designed to be used with the Invisible Loose Setting Powder, lightly sweeps setting powder onto skin to help create a soft focus effect, diminishing the look of fine lines and imperfections while visibly smoo...
  • Ponytail Eye Crease Brush

    Ponytail Eye Crease Brush
    More Details A natural Laura Mercier brush with soft, medium-length bristles formed at a slight point, ideally used in the eye crease. Longer bristles allow less intense layering of colour and more control for blending Hand-tied bristles do not shed onto the face....
  • Finishing Brush

    Finishing Brush
    More Details Set powder, blend eye shadow, or sweep color on cheeks with this multitasking synthetic brush.
  • Creme Eye Color Brush

    Creme Eye Color Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Eye Colour Brush with the highest quality synthetic fibers for providing a sheer and even application of Eye Basics, Metallic Crème Eye Colour and Satinée Crème Eye Colour. Medium-length, rounded bristles Perfectly place...
  • Flat Eye Liner Brush, Short

    Flat Eye Liner Brush, Short
    More Details Contains synthetic, firm bristles narrowing to a thin, flat line to ensure the most exact placement of Laura Mercier Eye Liner. Laura created the technique of lining the eyes by dotting eye colour across the lash line with this synthetic brush; brush....
  • Finishing Eye Brush

    Finishing Eye Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Finishing Eye Brush puts the finishing touch on your eyes this Spring. Applying the same benefits of the Finishing Brush, the sculpted fibers act as a reservoir to pick up and release product while gently buffing and delivering color t...
  • Pointed Eye Liner Brush

    Pointed Eye Liner Brush
    More Details A synthetic brush that tapers to a narrow point, allowing you to determine the width of eye liner by the pressure applied. Specially designed for precise application of wet Laura Mercier Eye Liner. Stiff bristles allow for expert control. Round bas...
  • Blending Brush

    Blending Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Blending Brush is a black goat hair brush designed with a severely round head and no flat edges to easily buff Mineral Powder SPF 15 onto skin. The small handle enables easy maneuvering during application of Mineral Powder SPF 15.
  • Eye Crease Travel Brush

    Eye Crease Travel Brush
    More Details Ideal for eye crease work with its broad tapered bristles allowing complete control and precise application. Round base with bristles tapered to a point Perfectly sized to blend Eye Colour into the crease Tapered tip allows precise application Avail...
  • Face Brush

    Face Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Face Brush is a black goat hair, kabuki-style brush with severely rounded edges and a gently cut angled head allowing for fuller coverage on the planes of the face. Ideally used with the Mineral Powder SPF 15 as well as other powder for...
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush

    Angled Eyeliner Brush
    More Details Specifically designed by Laura Mercier to work with the Crème Eye Liner, the Angled Eyeliner Brush uses high quality synthetic fibers in a narrow, exact point with a thin profile that creates the most precise looks. Use to apply Crème Eyelin...
  • Brow Definer Brush

    Brow Definer Brush
    More Details Specifically designed for flawless application of brow definer. • Precisely delivers pigments and puts each hair in its rightful place. • Synthetic fibers. • Flat, angled brush head allows for pigment to be swept through brow hairs. &#...
  • Horse Hair Powder Brush

    Horse Hair Powder Brush
    More Details A hand-crafted 100% natural brush that is perfectly shaped to apply Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. Sculpted brush head allows for a more precise placement to individual areas when needed. Ideal shape for shape and texture for "all over" applic...
  • Camouflage Powder Brush-Long

    Camouflage Powder Brush-Long
    More Details Set Laura Mercier's legendary Secret Camouflague with this high quality synthetic fiber brush. Its flat bristles and tapered, oval tip are perfectly designed to work in a smaller area, and are ideal for exact placement and control of contour color.....
  • Crew Cut Bronzer Brush

    Crew Cut Bronzer Brush
    More Details The Laura Mercier Crew Cut Bronzer Brush accentuates a natural tan with full, round bristles to evenly distribute colour for a smooth, even finish. Handcrafted from pure black goat hair Short handle offers complete control Tapered head gently blends....
  • Angled Cheek Contour Brush

    Angled Cheek Contour Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Angled Cheek Contour Brush perfectly applies cheek and face products to the contours of the face. Its slanted, rounded shape mimics the angles of your cheekbones for perfect, effortless highlighting and contouring. Made of 100% natural...
  • Flat Eyeliner Brush, Long

    Flat Eyeliner Brush, Long
    More Details Line your eye by dotting color across the lash line with Laura Mercier Flat Eyeliner Brush. To soften the line, brush upward.
  • Angled Eye Colour Brush, Long

    Angled Eye Colour Brush, Long
    More Details Makeup artist Laura Mercier designed this brush for overall color application and blending. To contour, place the flat side upward, point in the crease, and use a "windshield wiper" motion. Approximately 7"/17.78cm.
  • Creme Cheek Colour Brush

    Creme Cheek Colour Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier's Creme Cheek Colour Brush provides softness in application & feel while also offering durability.
  • Secret Camouflage Brush-Long

    Secret Camouflage Brush-Long
    More Details Designed specifically for use with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer, this Secret Camouflage Brush is a must for a flawless look. Laura advises feather-like strokes for precise application.
  • Smoky Eye Liner Brush

    Smoky Eye Liner Brush
    More Details Smooth, pointed tip for flawless application. Allows you to create a smoldering eye or a clean, classic line.
  • Fine Point Liner Brush

    Fine Point Liner Brush
    More Details The point of perfection. A narrow, exact point brush made of high quality synthetic fiber to be used in conjunction with the Brilliant Eye liner. The unique point lets you determine the width of the line simply by increasing pressure to widen the def...
  • Horse Hair Smudge Brush

    Horse Hair Smudge Brush
    More Details A natural Laura Mercier brush created for adding depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye. Short bristles gently form a rounded tip Handcrafted from the finest natural hairs Hand-tied bristles do not shed Approximately 6 1/2"/16.51cm
  • Brush Cleanser

    Brush Cleanser
    More Details Keep break-outs and bacteria at bay with this innovative brush cleanser. Just a few sprays rids your brushes of pore-clogging bacteria and leaves brushes just like new.