Michael Aram Candle

  • Olive Branch Candle

    Olive Branch Candle
    More Details Triple-wick soy wax candle in glass container. Nickel-plated lid is accented by a golden olive branch with oxidized black olives. Scent: verbena leaf, squash blossom, bergamot, citronella, crisp pepper, cedarwood, vetiver grass, and Mediterranean cy...
  • Heart Candle

    Heart Candle
    More Details Sweet top notes of velvety peach and fresh mimosa petals give way to middle notes of Turkish rose invigorated by a kick of rich, peppery saffron. Honey and warm patchouli aromas take the base notes into a world of intense sensuality and romance. Glas...
  • Vincent Candle

    Vincent Candle
    More Details Lid handcrafted of oxidized and gold-tone metal. Scent: zesty citron, Neroli flower, water lily, lemon verbena, rich cypress, and marine amber. 3.75"Dia. x 5"T. Made in the USA.
  • Magnolia Candle

    Magnolia Candle
    More Details EXCLUSIVELY OURS . Made of soy wax. Estimated burn time of 60 hours. Glass container has a nickel-plate lid embellished with an enameled magnolia. Scent: orange, magnolia, lily of the valley, jasmine, violet, honey, vanilla, amber, and musk. ....
  • Bumblebee Candle

    Bumblebee Candle
    More Details Mandarin zest with hints of honeydew melon and golden honeysuckle compose the center fragrance while distant layers of sweet jasmine, yellow camellia, and delicate honey enrich the top notes. Container made of glass; lid made of 24-kt. gold-plated me...
  • Ribbon Candle

    Ribbon Candle
    More Details Scent begins with a sheer touch of balsam and cinnamon. An earthy medley of vetiver and pine cone emerge in the middle notes. Holly berry and winter eucalyptus give the base notes a delicately romantic cadence. Glass container with nickel-plated meta...
  • Butterfly Ginkgo Candle

    Butterfly Ginkgo Candle
    More Details Container made of glass; lid made of oxidized and natural bronze metal. Soy wax candle. Scent: fresh citron, gardenia, tuberose, butterfly ginkgo, climbing ivy, and violet wood. Candle, 13.5 oz. Container, 3.75"Dia. x 4.75"T. Imported.
  • Lemonwood Candle

    Lemonwood Candle
    More Details Lid made of oxidized bronze, nickel-plated metal, and gold-tone metal. Triple wick, soy wax candle. Scent: lemon, petitgrain, fresh basil, verbena leaf, fir balsam, and lemongrass. 3.75"Dia. x 5"T; 13.5 oz. Assembled in the USA of imported materials.
  • Orange Blossom Candle

    Orange Blossom Candle
    More Details Container made of glass; lid made of copper-plated metal and oxidized stainless steel. Soy wax candle. Scent has top note of orange blossom; middle notes of sweet mandarin and a touch of lemon verbena; and bottom notes of bergamot, golden amber, and...
  • Enchanted Garden Luxe Candle

    Enchanted Garden Luxe Candle
    More Details Exclusive launch. Glass container with natural brass stand and nickel-plated metal lid. Embellished with precious stones and Swarovski® crystals. Soy wax candle. 13.5 ounces; 5.5"Dia. x 5"T. Imported.
  • Black Orchid Candle

    Black Orchid Candle
    More Details Decorative lid made of enamel, gold-tone metal, and oxidized nickel-plated metal. Soy wax candle; estimated 60-hour burn time. Scent: lemon blossom, geranium, black orchid, dark violets, sandalwood, and Amazonian mahogany. 3.75"Dia. x 5"T. M...
  • Ocean Coral Candle

    Ocean Coral Candle
    More Details Handcrafted nickel plate, glass and soy wax. Scent: lemon mist, peppermint, salted coral, marine algae, ocean moss, and blue amber. 13.5-oz candle. 3.75"Dia. x 5"T.
  • Pine Cone Candle

    Pine Cone Candle
    More Details Container made of oxidized metal, gold-tone metal, nickel-plated metal, and glass. Soy wax candle. Scent: white cedar, pine needles, spruce bark, and fir mixed with mandarin and frosted orange. 3.75"Dia. x 5"T; 13.5 ounces. Burn time: approximately...
  • Gold Orchid Candle

    Gold Orchid Candle
    More Details EXCLUSIVELY OURS Handcrafted candle. Container made of glass; lid made of nickel-plated, black nickel-plated, and gold-tone metal. Candle made of soy wax. Scent: lemon blossom, geranium, gold orchid, violet bloom, sandalwood, and Amazonian mahogany. 13.5-oz. candle; container, 3.75"Dia. x 4.25