Skin Brush

  • Y-Brush

    More Details Developed with an exclusive Y-shape reservoir, this brush delivers the perfect amount of Touche Éclat Foundation. Pump 2 drops in the well. The brush buffs and distributes product evenly across the skin for a seamless, flawless finish every time.
  • Fan Brush

    Fan Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush, specifically designed to be used with the Invisible Loose Setting Powder, lightly sweeps setting powder onto skin to help create a soft focus effect, diminishing the look of fine lines and imperfections while visibly smoo...
  • Gentle Face/Throat Brush

    Gentle Face/Throat Brush
    More Details The Sisley-Paris Gentle Brush has been specifically designed to increase the beneficial effects of the cleansing and foaming formulas while remaining gentle to the skin. Use daily to: remove impurities, remove dead skin cells, stimulate the epidermis....
  • Powder #1 Brush

    Powder #1 Brush
    More Details Dip the brush into the powder and remove excess. Sweep the brush around the perimeter of the face and back toward the hairline. Finish with downward strokes, including the t-zone. Backstage Beauty Tip: If you have dry skin, target powder applic...
  • Cheek Colour Brush

    Cheek Colour Brush
    More Details A natural-haired brush sized to perfectly shape the cheek bone. Medium sculpted brush head Squirrel hair provides softness in application and goat hair offers durability. Best used with Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour. Approximately 8 1/4"/20.96cm.
  • Blender Brush

    Blender Brush
    More Details This flat brush is slightly rounded at the edges to precisely follow the curves of the face. Dispensing the perfect amount of makeup onto the face, the Blender Brush creates a flawless, second-skin effect when used with any Armani foundation. Sens...
  • Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush

    Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush
    More Details Dermatologist-developed to make Clinique For Men daily care even more effective. Charcoal-gray brush head with more than 9,000 sonic vibrations per minute cleans more thoroughly than hand washing alone. Preps for a more comfortable shave. Skin looks and...
  • Japanese-Style Soft Brush

    Japanese-Style Soft Brush
    More Details The Japanese-Style Soft Brush has been designed with ultra-soft, tapered bristles to help gently cleanse skin and pores of dirt, oil and lingering makeup when used in conjunction with the rich micro-foam produced by the Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing...
  • Eye Blender Brush

    Eye Blender Brush
    More Details Expertly blends all Eye Shadow shades together, softening any harsh lines or edges. How to use: Pick up Eye Shadow with sides of brush and tap off excess. Stroke over lid, from inner to outer corner, for a sheer wash of color. Use a light, sweeping mot...
  • Sonic System Acne Solutions Deep Cleansing Brush

    Sonic System Acne Solutions Deep Cleansing Brush
    More Details Dermatologist-developed for blemish-prone skins to clean where you need it most. Just 1 minute, 2 times per day. Lifts makeup, dirt and oil. Specialized bristles deep-clean skins prone to breakouts. Gently cleanses to unclog pores and to keep them clear. Gentle sonic action helps skin look fresh
  • Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

    Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush
    More Details Dermatologist-developed. Sonic movement offers deep yet gentle cleansing. Two bristle types for targeted cleansing in hard-to-reach, contoured areas of the face where dirt hides. Waterproof. Swiss-engineered. For all skin types. How to use: Us...
  • Limited Edition Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, Blue Polka Dot

    Limited Edition Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, Blue Polka Dot
    More Details Sonic vibrations offer deep yet gentle cleansing. Angled tip targets T-Zone and other hard to reach areas. Gently lifts the makeup, dirt and oil hand washing may miss. Makes 3-Step routine more effective. 2-year warranty. How To Use: We sugg...
  • The Large Fan Brush

    The Large Fan Brush
    More Details Large flat, fan-shaped brush of soft synthetic fiber/goat hair blend Can be used for featherweight application and blending of bronzer, loose or pressed face powders A tool to gently clear the skin of any excess product Ideal for powder bronzing, h...
  • Foundation Brush

    Foundation Brush
    More Details Uneven foundation application with fingers or a rough sponge are a thing of the past. Take flawless skin to the next level with this essential tool that unifies and perfects the complexion.
  • Powder Brush

    Powder Brush
    More Details Luxurious brush designed to use with Face Powder and Sheer Finish Loose Powder. Picks up just the right amount of powder to dust smoothly and evenly over skin for a polished, yet natural look. TIP: It may also be used to remove any excess powder....
  • Concealer Brush

    Concealer Brush
    More Details Designed specifically for concealer, this elegant brush is shaped for ease of use and detail-oriented application on all types of skin discoloration. Refined brush hairs insure perfect adherence of concealer to even the smallest flaws. Ideal for the mos...
  • Wet/Dry Blush Brush #23

    Wet/Dry Blush Brush #23
    More Details Purely pigmented color with seamless customizable coverage. New Dual-Intensity Blush defies genre with a silky, wet/dry formula of unprecedented artistry. Apply dry for a healthy glow and wet for translucent, second-skin finish. Six modern shade pairing...
  • Foundation Brush

    Foundation Brush
    More Details An exquisite makeup brush designed specifically for foundation. Each individual brush hair is meticulously crafted to allow for the uniform application of foundation, caressing skin to create a veil of light for a radiantly perfect finish. Just applyi...
  • The Blush Brush

    The Blush Brush
    More Details Tapered-shaped tip allowing precise application and complete versatility Achieve concise powder cheek color application Ultra-soft brush developed with natural hair Use with powders to set liquid, cream or tinted balm foundation Mattify skin, appl...
  • The Loose Powder Brush

    The Loose Powder Brush
    More Details Loose Powder Brush A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair. Specifically designed to be used with The Gossamer Loose Powder to flawlessly blend powder in the skin for a polished finish.
  • Blending Brush

    Blending Brush
    More Details Laura Mercier Blending Brush is a black goat hair brush designed with a severely round head and no flat edges to easily buff Mineral Powder SPF 15 onto skin. The small handle enables easy maneuvering during application of Mineral Powder SPF 15.
  • Blush/Powder Brush

    Blush/Powder Brush
    More Details This large, soft brush is ideal for applying pressed powder, loose powder and blush with expert precision and even distribution. Use with powders to set liquid foundation, mattify skin, apply blush or to create a smooth, crease-free surface for applying...
  • Blush Brush

    Blush Brush
    More Details Made with natural hair, the Blush Brush features curved bristles that shape cheekbones to perfection. Designed to leave just the right amount of color on cheeks for a natural, gorgeous result. Silky bristles pamper the skin with softness.
  • Blended Face Powder & Brush

    Blended Face Powder & Brush
    More Details Loose, lightweight powder that's right for every type of skin. • Sets and perfects makeup. • Makes pores seem to disappear. How to use: Apply after makeup, using powder rubdown technique: Pour powder into palm of hand or tissue. Coat fi...
  • Foundation Brush with Synthetic-Fiber Bristles

    Foundation Brush with Synthetic-Fiber Bristles
    More Details The Sisley-Paris brush that helps smooth foundation over the skin for a perfectly even complexion. Its soft and dynamic synthetic bristles (polyester fibers) work in perfect affinity with the foundation's thick texture. Make-up is flawlessly blended;...
  • Powder Brush

    Powder Brush
    More Details Made from the highest quality goat hair that's hand-selected and assembled for optimal results, the spherical shape of the powder brush increases the surface area for better color pick up, application and a naturally smooth, second skin result.