Stand Up Decor

  • Crazy Horse Note Cards

    Crazy Horse Note Cards
    More Details Six majestic die-cut and stand-up cards with six fluorescent envelopes. Two products in one: note cards or place cards. Each die-cut card a different character: Zebra Girl, Neptune, Jungle Leo, Crazy Horse, and Wild Bird. Room for a dedication a...
  • Brass Vanity Stand Double Sided Mirror, 9.5"

    Brass Vanity Stand Double Sided Mirror, 9.5"
    More Details 9.5" Diameter. 5X Magnification power. Telescopes up to 22" high.
  • LED Lighted 10X/1X Compact Mirror

    LED Lighted 10X/1X Compact Mirror
    More Details This innovative compact with two mirrors, one LED lighted 10X magnifying mirror and one 1X mirror, are optically correct and clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion. The LED 10X mirror is lighted around the entire perimeter for bright, crystal clarity. One mirror can be folded onto the other mirr
  • Stone Scroll Mantel

    Stone Scroll Mantel
    More Details Mantel made of crushed stone/polyresin/styrene/fiberglass. Hand-painted aged limestone lacquer finish. Includes mounting hardware. Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean. Safe for outdoor covered patios. 70"W x 13"D x 50"T with 47"W x 10"D x...
  • Aeliana Fountain

    Aeliana Fountain
    More Details EXCLUSIVELY OURS . Handcrafted fountain. Made of pulverized stone/resin. Hand-painted finish. Outdoor safe. Replenish water daily; protect fountain from harsh elements. Pump included; pump will need to be replaced at some point based on the ext...
  • Lionhead Stonecast Fountain

    Lionhead Stonecast Fountain
    More Details Handcrafted fountain. Made of durable, all-weather crushed stone/resin/fiberglass. Hand-painted lacquer finish. Low-voltage pump with water sensor and 35-ft. long cord to connect to step-down adaptor. Pump will need to be replaced at some point bas...
  • Galicia Fountain

    Galicia Fountain
    More Details EXCLUSIVELY OURS. Fountain handcrafted of pulverized stone and resin with an antiqued white finish. Arrives in two pieces; hardware included. Pump included; pump will need to be replaced at some point based on the extent of use over the lifetime....
  • Lion-Head Wall Fountain

    Lion-Head Wall Fountain
    More Details Fountain made of crushed stone/polyester resin/styrene/fiberglass. Lacquer finish. Includes a pre-installed submersible fountain pump. Pump will need to be replaced at some point based on the extent of use over the lifetime of the item. Outdoor safe. 50.25"W x 20.75"D x 59.5"T. Imported. Box
  • Rope-Edge Fireplace Mantel

    Rope-Edge Fireplace Mantel
    More Details EXCLUSIVELY OURS . Inspired by classic architecture. Handcrafted mantel. Made of crushed stone/polyester resin/styrene/fibergalss. Hand-painted weathered-white finish with black top. Lightweight and durable. Interior, 33.5"W x 11.5"D x 34.375"T...
  • Antique Butterfly Trunk

    Antique Butterfly Trunk
    More Details Antique trunk with allover painted butterfly design. Stands on four short legs. Butterfly-shaped latch. Made of cedar. Approximately 100-120 years old. Includes certificate of authenticity. Trunk may be repaired up to 20% with a touched-up fin...