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Sydney Evan - How family inspired your favorite charms and more from behind the brand...

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What gives your jewelry its strong sense of individuality?
I firmly believe the traditional rules were meant to be broken! When I was about sixteen I recall making a decision not to conform, but instead to do things my way. My jewelry is all about personalization and letting the customer create their own unique sense of style, adding a personal element to an otherwise basic wrist of fine jewelry.

What's your go-to piece?
My red coral beaded hamsa bracelet. My mother would sew a red thread into my clothing to bring me good luck and protect me from the evil eye. This piece honors that tradition.

What inspires you?
My children, Sydney & Evan, every day. And the '70s, but now even more by bell bottoms, rainbows, turquoise, peace, and love.

Your brand in three words?
Playful, personal, and chic!

What was the first piece of jewelry you designed?
Puka shell and turquoise necklaces and bracelets in junior high that I would sell to my friends. The first pieces I designed for Sydney Evan were white-gold diamond horseshoes, wishbones, and evil eyes.

What's your brand's signature piece?
Definitely my "Love" necklace. It's created from my own handwriting. I like it best layered with longer, varied charm necklaces.

What does jewelry say about the woman who wears it?
A lot! A lot of color and more whimsical pieces show me they're playful. More traditional styles like discs, bars, or angular pieces tell me they have a classic sensibility.

This year marks the brand's 15th anniversary. How have your designs evolved?
We've expanded and literally have something for everyone now—from lucky charms and protective icons to whimsical animal charms and symbols of affection. We've also added more color and design with trends in mind.

You named Sydney Evan for your children, how does family inspire you?
My family is everything to me. They inspire me to do the best I can, and I know their love is life's greatest blessing. I bring our spiritual values into many of my designs, and my children's playfulness inspires the whimsical side. Pieces like "Albert", my diamond bird in a cage necklace, were named by my daughter, Sydney. Travel is also a big part of our family life and the colors and textures I see on our adventures can often inspire the direction of a collection.

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