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We’ve partnered with FASHIONPHILE, one of the most trusted ultra-luxury resale companies in the world, to make reselling your designer handbags and accessories easy and convenient. You’ll receive payment up front—including a 10% bonus if you choose to receive it as a Neiman Marcus Gift Card®—so you can invest in your next treasure on your timeline, all while helping prevent unnecessary waste.


How Do You Resell with FASHIONPHILE at Neiman Marcus?

In Person

If your nearby Neiman Marcus has an in-store FASHIONPHILE Selling Studio, bring us your accessories, and our FASHIONPHILE experts will give you a quote and issue your payment in minutes.


Sell your accessories whenever it’s convenient for you using FASHIONPHILE’s easy-to-navigate online self-serve option.


Why Use FASHIONPHILE at Neiman Marcus?


It’s Easy & Convenient

You can sell your designer accessories to FASHIONPHILE in person or online. To sell them in person—and be paid immediately!—visit a Neiman Marcus store that has a FASHIONPHILE Selling Studio. Or you can sell to FASHIONPHILE anywhere, anytime by choosing the online option—just click GET AN ONLINE QUOTE above to get started. Please note: When you sell to us online, your payment by Neiman Marcus Gift Card or by check/ACH payment will take approximately two weeks to reach you.

It’s a Quick Way to Fund Your Next Treasure

Not only will you be paid up front, but you’ll also receive a highly competitive offer and have your choice of payment options. If you choose a Neiman Marcus Gift Card as payment, you’ll even receive a 10% bonus.

It Makes a Difference

By extending the life of your luxury accessories, you help close the loop on unnecessary waste. In fact, research shows that ultra-luxury handbags are 200% less likely to end up in a landfill because luxury shoppers are likely to invest in life-extending repairs and to seek end-of-use alternatives like reselling, gifting, or donating.



What services are part of FASHIONPHILE’s partnership with Neiman Marcus?

Selling Studios

FASHIONPHILE has opened within select Neiman Marcus stores. Selling Studios serve as spaces for customers to sell their pre-owned luxury accessories to FASHIONPHILE in person. Our Selling Studios are here to help you sell your luxury items and receive your quote and payment immediately! FASHIONPHILE does not offer any items for sale in these co-branded Studios.

Neiman Marcus Gift Cards®

FASHIONPHILE issues Neiman Marcus Gift Cards as an optional payment method to all customers who sell to FASHIONPHILE. Customers who choose to be paid in Neiman Marcus Gift Cards enjoy an extra 10% bonus on the Gift Card value.

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store

Customers who purchase online from FASHIONPHILE are able to have their order shipped to any Neiman Marcus store for pickup. Please note: The hours for pickup at a store that does not have a FASHIONPHILE Selling Studio are 11AM–6PM local time.


Customers whose items have already been valued and quoted digitally by FASHIONPHILE may drop off their merchandise at any Neiman Marcus store. Please note: The hours for drop-offs at a store that does not have a FASHIONPHILE Selling Studio are 11AM–6PM local time. Additionally, at stores without an in-store Selling Studio, payment cannot be issued at the time of your visit and can take approximately two weeks to reach you.

Do I need an appointment to sell my item(s) at a Neiman Marcus FASHIONPHILE Selling Studio location?

Although we’ll do our best to accommodate walk-ins, we want to ensure that you receive the level of service you deserve and recommend making an appointment.

Selling appointments are based on how many items you are selling. On average, each item takes approximately 10 minutes to assess and authenticate. Some items, including Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags, as well as fine jewelry and watches, may take a little longer to process and/or may require additional review at one of FASHIONPHILE’s authentication centers.

Our goal is to give you the most accurate and competitive offer during your appointment.

What items and brands does FASHIONPHILE accept?

For a complete listing of designers and classifications we accept, please click here for details.

If I choose a Neiman Marcus Gift Card as payment, how long does it take to receive it?

When selling your items at one of our FASHIONPHILE in-store Selling Studios, delivery of Gift Cards is almost immediate. Once your item is quoted and you accept the quote, your payment is immediately triggered, and your Neiman Marcus Gift Card will arrive in your email inbox in approximately 15 minutes.

When selling your items to us online, your Neiman Marcus Gift Card can take up to two weeks to arrive. Once you accept your quote, your item must be shipped to FASHIONPHILE or dropped off at a Neiman Marcus store (see Drop-offs section above for details), then payment is triggered following authentication. You’ll receive your virtual Neiman Marcus Gift Card via email.

When does my Neiman Marcus Gift Card expire?

Neiman Marcus Gift Cards received via FASHIONPHILE resale services do not expire. They are safely secured in your email and can be used whenever you choose.

How long is my quote from FASHIONPHILE valid?

Quotes will remain valid in your FASHIONPHILE account for 30 days to either accept or reject. After 30 days the offer will expire and disappear from your account. If your quote has expired, you will need to resubmit your item on our quote request form. We ask that you not submit the same item more than one time in a 30-day period.

Why was my item not accepted?

We only accept designers who are included in our most up-to-date Designer Directory. In the event that your item falls under one of the designers we accept but we did not provide you with a quote, it could be due to one or more of the reasons below:

  • Your item may not be a category that we accept, such as clothing or fragrance.

  • The resale value of your item may prevent us from providing you with a quote. Factors such as excessive wear or damage, age, style and aesthetic, or even extremely large or small shoe sizes impact the resale value of pre-owned items. Additionally, some brand-new items with a low original MSRP do not reach high enough resale prices to allow us to provide you with a quote.

  • We are well stocked in items similar to yours at the moment. Try submitting it again for a quote in a few months.

  • Your item appears to be altered, which typically affects the resale value.

  • Your quote for the same item is still active in your account. Once your quote expires after 30 days, you may resubmit for a new quote request.

Does FASHIONPHILE accept shoes?

Yes. We accept a limited selection of designer shoes. They must be in like-new, unworn condition with a minimum resale value of $300.

Does FASHIONPHILE accept clothing?

FASHIONPHILE loves all things luxury but does not accept clothing at this time.