Monica Rich Kosann

Create your own storybook of fine jewelry featuring 18-karat gold, sterling silver, and diamond accents.

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The Pocket Watch Key Collection

18-kt. Gold Rock Crystal Key Necklace
18-kt. Gold Honey Quartz Key Necklace

The Charm & Bracelet Collection

Marilyn 18-kt. Gold Pavé Diamond Bracelet

Capture your favorite moments within a timeless piece.

The Locket Collection

Anna 18-kt. Gold Locket Necklace

Layered charm necklaces uniquely express your inspiration.

Carpe Diem Collection

18-kt. Gold Carpe Diem Pendant Necklace

The Charm Necklace Collection

Dream Diamond Moon Necklace

A nod to the past and a look at the present in sterling silver.

Carpe Diem Collection

Mini Carpe Diem Pendant Necklace

The Locket Collection

Petite Sunburst Locket

Captivating art deco elements crafted with a modern mix of ceramic and 18-kt. gold.

MRK2100 Collection

Chevron Ceramic Locket

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