Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek is the third store in Northern California, reflecting the growth of this community and its demand for luxury.

1000 South Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Store Size
2 levels; 87,000 square feet

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Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek


It's only the beginning of your career at Neiman Marcus

Luxury. For a century, The Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) has defined luxury retailing. Still today, it is what drives our company.

Fashion. The Neiman Marcus Group is synonymous with merchandising and service excellence. Our customers demand and expect the best. Rightly so.

Prestige. From superb offerings of luxury apparel, accessories and jewelry to premier beauty products and decorative home accessories, this is retail at its finest.

Passion. No matter what your interest, The Neiman Marcus Group can take you there. Your success depends on you.


Opportunities at the Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek store are available in the following divisions:

Neiman Marcus Alterations oversees the production, quality standards, and quota management of the garments processed for alterations within Neiman Marcus stores. There are alterations opportunities at the store level as well as regional and corporate positions.

Human Resources
The Human Resources team is responsible for managing the Neiman Marcus employment process through recruitment, education, retention and career development. Career opportunities in Human Resources include Associate Relations, Compensation, Education and Development as well as Recruitment.

Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention manages and coordinates employee activities to protect our assets and prevent loss through theft. Loss Prevention also develops and implements measures to effectively minimize loss to the organization. Investigator, Assistant Manager and Manager positions are available in NM stores as well as Loss Prevention opportunities in our support and Clearance facilities.

Operations provides logistical and administrative support to our stores and facilities in fields as diverse as transportation, point-of-sale systems, supply, distribution and facility management and maintenance.

Public Relations
Public Relations at Neiman Marcus plans and produces special events to increase and maximize customer traffic and sales. The PR office fosters and maintains strong relationships between Neiman Marcus and our customers, the media and the community at large. While each Neiman Marcus store has its own Public Relations team, there are also opportunities in our corporate Public Relations office, including media, fashion presentation and special events.

Neiman Marcus Sales Associates provide outstanding customer service through product knowledge, floor merchandising, new merchandise arrival and sales event participation. Sales Associates are provided with goals and resources to establish and grow their Neiman Marcus business.

Sales Management
The Neiman Marcus Store Manager, Merchandise Managers and Department Managers are responsible for coaching and developing their sales team, merchandising, tracking sales, planning new arrivals and sales events as well as communicating and monitoring sales associate, department and store goals. Successful sales leadership leads to employee and customer satisfaction.

Visual Merchandising
How we create the customer experience differentiates Neiman Marcus from our competition. The visual team implements and coordinates merchandise presentation in our stores through unique displays, signage and materials. Neiman Marcus also has a Visual Assistant Manager training program that develops and prepares a visual merchandiser for a Visual Manager role.

Neiman Marcus Food Service is an integral part of, and fabulous complement to, the Neiman Marcus experience. With our signature blend of traditional favorites and inspired culinary expressions, we offer guests dining that’s both special and sophisticated.