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A stoic owl gazes impassively from a screen. Instead of a forest backdrop, the creature is juxtaposed against mod dots. A soundtrack by Carl Maria von Weber loops mysteriously in the background. Suddenly, the bird blinks! Then his head swivels! Exactly who is watching whom?

That is one question acclaimed artist Robert Wilson wants viewers to ask. In his Video Portraits series, he features animals and people who appear static, as if portrayed within a painting. But the viewer is caught off guard when the subject unexpectedly breathes, blinks, or shifts. This modern riff on the eighteenth-century tableaux vivant beautifully pushes the boundaries between reality and imagination.

The details:

  • The limited-edition 42"H x 24"W artist's proof is hand-numbered and -signed and available in 20 different color combinations.
  • All costs of packing, crating, shipping, and installation will be the responsibility of the purchaser. RW Work Ltd. will be the direct liaison with the purchaser or their representative and any third parties in facilitating and advising the crating, shipping, and installation.

The purchase of a "Snowy Owl" benefits the Watermill Center, an interdisciplinary laboratory for performance art and a unique environment for young and emerging artists to explore new ideas. Call 1-877-9NM-GIFT for more details.

About Robert Wilson:
A native of Waco, Texas, Wilson attended the University of Texas and then New York's Pratt Institute in 1963. Soon after, Wilson developed his first signature works, before turning his attention to creating large-scale scenes for opera. His monumental work for Einstein on the Beach (1976) achieved worldwide acclaim and altered conventional notions of a moribund form.

Each summer Wilson decamps to the Watermill Center, a laboratory for the arts and humanities in eastern Long Island. The Watermill Center brings together students and experienced professionals in a multidisciplinary environment dedicated to creative collaboration. A gala benefit and re-dedication of the reconstructed main building takes place every summer.

Wilson's numerous awards and honors include an OBIE award for direction, the Golden Lion for sculpture from the Venice Biennale, the 3rd Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize for Lifetime Achievement, the Premio Europa award from Taormina Arte, two Guggenheim Fellowship awards, the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship award, a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama, election to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement. He has been named a "Commandeur des arts et des letters" by the French Minister of Culture.

Click here to see a video of the "Snowy Owl" By Robert Wilson.

Price $70,000