Resting on its perch, the bright figurine is void of any facial expression. But, look closer at the mirrored surface, and you'll see your own broad smile reflecting back—a trademark reaction from someone admiring a piece of work by Jeff Koons, an artist whose originality and charisma are unmatched.

Like Koons's other famous installations—Bilbao's Puppy and Balloon Dog—the limited-edition Dom Pérignon's Balloon Venus is playful, impactful, and signature Jeff Koons. Designed in celebration of the Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003, this incarnation is based on one of the latest works from Koons's Antiquity series called Balloon Venus (a modern riff on the Venus of Willendorf, which dates back to approximately 23,000 B.C.).

According to the artist, this version, made from polyurethane resin, represents the link between past, present, and future vintages of Dom Pérignon, as well as the continuity of the human experience symbolized by Venus.

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Jeff Koons's Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus $20,000

Additional details:

  • Modeled after Jeff Koons's original art piece, Balloon Venus
  • Constructed of hand-polished and -painted polyurethane resin
  • 24.4"H x 12.8"L x 13.9"W
  • 21 lbs.

Jeff Koons's Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus
Price $20,000