Like master motorcycle fabricator Indian Larry, you feel at your best on the back of a bike with the wind in your face. Astride his "Wild Child," you're practically one with the late chopper icon.

Handbuilt in Brooklyn, New York, for the Discovery Channel "Biker Build-Off" series, "Wild Child" is considered by many to be the pinnacle of Indian Larry's artistic achievements. It features his signature dished tank, root beer metal flake paint, twisted down tube frame, and a truly unique engine with a shovelhead front cylinder, panhead rear, and jockey shift. An open belt drive is emblazoned with the "Wild Child" name. Brass accents and a hand-carved leather seat in Indian Larry's likeness complete the picture of this motorized masterpiece.

In 2003, Larry rode "Wild Child" from St. Louis, Missouri, to Sturgis, South Dakota, where Larry's bike was named the winner of the Build-Off, one of three unprecedented consecutive wins for the chopper enthusiast. Upon learning of his triumph, Indian Larry famously declared, "There are no winners! There are no losers!" He shared his victory with fellow competitor Billy Lane, and then they both cut the trophy into pieces, signed the scraps, and handed them out to the crowd.

With the purchase of "Wild Child," Neiman Marcus will donate $7,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation. For details, call 1-877-9NM- GIFT. For more information, visit and/or watch the video.

Indian Larry's "Question Everything" motorcycle is also available for purchase (details below).

Indian Larry's "Wild Child" Motorcycle $750,000

Indian Larry's "Wild Child" Motorcycle Additional Details:

  • 103 ci Accurate Engineering Pan-Shovel Engine
  • Inverted Storz Cirianni Front End
  • Root beer metal flake paint by Robert Pradke of Custom Auto Design
  • Indian Larry head leather seat custom-made by Paul Cox

Indian Larry's "Question Everything" Motorcycle

Modeled after Indian Larry's famous "Daddy O," this bike features a twisted springer front end, a handmade Indian Larry wishbone frame with a signature mustang tank, 93 cubic-inch shovelhead engine, and hand-painted platinum-leaf flames. The name is a tribute to Indian Larry's philosophy that there is always room to learn and grow in life. Just one of 10 in a limited-edition series called "Question Everything," each motorcycle is handcrafted in the Brooklyn, New York, workshop and will feature unique characteristics to make each one a distinct Indian Larry Motorcycle. For more information, visit and/or watch the video.

Indian Larry's "Question Everything" Motorcycle $80,000

Indian Larry's "Wild Child" Motorcycle
Price $750,000
Indian Larry's "Question Everything" Motorcycle
Price $80,000