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Enter the captivating world of Baccarat with an experience like no other. Founded in 1764 in eastern France, Baccarat, “the alchemist of joy,” engages with daring artisans who have transformed the four elements of nature—earth, air, fire, and water—into crystal of unparalleled excellence. In honor of the brand’s 260th anniversary, Baccarat invites you and a guest to craft your own masterpiece from the world’s purest crystal. Your Fantasy Gift begins with a first-class flight to New York City and one-night stay at the award-winning Baccarat Hotel New York. Unwind in the bustling city with the regenerating calm of Spa de La Mer, followed by a private shopping appointment at the hotel’s glistening jewel box, the Baccarat 53rd Street Boutique, and a dinner curated by Culinary Director and Michelin-starred Chef Gabriel Kreuther. The next part of your journey starts with a first-class flight to Paris, accommodation at a luxurious five-star hotel, a private tour of the spectacular Maison Baccarat, and a meal at the renowned Cristal Room. Continuing your bespoke escape, you’ll board a first-class train to Ville de Baccarat for one night. Here, you’ll enjoy tours of the Baccarat factory, meet the crystal maker’s visionary artisans, blow your own crystal, and enjoy a meal feasting on French delicacies. Finally, you’ll return to Paris for another glorious night exploring the City of Light.



Your Fantasy Gift begins with a first-class flight to New York, and a one-night stay at Baccarat Hotel New York.

•This is a great entry into the Universe of Baccarat

•Enjoy a special curated visit that includes dinner designed specifically by Culinary Director and Michelin-starred Chef Gabriel Kreuther, a spa experience at Spa de La Mer, and private shopping at the Baccarat 53rd Street Boutique

DAYS 2/3

The next day, you’ll take a first-class flight to Paris.

•One-night stay at a five-star Parisian hotel near Baccarat’s Maison

•One day to get acclimated and explore Paris on your own

•One day of local programming and a visit to the Maison Baccarat, including a private tour with museum curator

•Lunch or dinner at the Cristal Room

DAYS 3/4

Next, you’ll enjoy a first-class train trip to Ville de Baccarat.

•Arrive midday to evening for a tour of the factory

•Meet the master craftspeople who craft Baccarat crystal

•Blow your own Baccarat product with the craftspeople

•Enjoy dinner in Ville de Baccarat and lodging to be arranged nearby

•Return to Paris via first-class train

•One-night stay at a five-star Parisian hotel near Baccarat’s Maison


Return to your home city via a first-class flight

With the purchase of the Immersive Baccarat Crystal Experience Fantasy Gift, Neiman Marcus will donate $5,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, a charitable foundation that empowers the next generation and cultivates a culture of belonging and a sustainable future. Shipping charges, taxes, and additional fees may apply. Gift limited to one.