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Embark on an unforgettable nine-day adventure through the mystical islands of Indonesia for a yachting treasure hunt with Pelorus Yachting. A luxury travel and yachting company, Pelorus designs and creates unique, bespoke experiences all over the world and specializes in experiential yacht expeditions. To start your journey, you and five guests will fly into Bali and spend the night in a luxurious five-star hotel. From there you’ll board a spectacular 137-foot Phinisi sailing yacht and spend the next few days relaxing with spa treatments, kayaking through crystalline lagoons, diving among kaleidoscopic coral reefs, and immersing yourself in local communities and traditions. Then, while savoring a private candlelit dinner in a secluded cove, a message in a bottle will signal the start of your treasure hunt.

In search of lost treasure, the next two days will see you discover a series of clues as you cruise through some of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, hike through the jungle, explore caves and waterfalls, scuba dive, and learn the art of Mahjong and Pai Gow. With your final clue in hand, the hunt ends with the ultimate reward: a $150,000 voucher for you to fill your treasure chest with exquisite Neiman Marcus jewelry. After making your sparkling discovery, your quest concludes with a beach party beneath the stars. Finally, complete your journey with a night in a fabulous hotel to celebrate your unforgettable voyage.


This adventure, outlined above, is centered around the legend of the pirate queen, Shen Shih, who earned the title of most successful pirate in history before her death in 1844.  

After the death of her husband, Shih came to amass and rule over history’s largest pirate fleet. Her 1,200-strong armada (with a crew of over 70,000 men) ruled the South China Sea, retaining absolute control against domestic and foreign empires including China, Portugal, and England, and your quest will be to discover Shih’s final resting place and her trove of treasures earned both illicitly and in her business.   


•Accommodations in Bali (at Hanging Gardens of Bali or similar standard accommodation) for two nights (one night before charter and one night after charter)

•Pelorus Treasure Hunt

•Private Celebration on Beach

•A $150,000 voucher toward the purchase of jewelry at Neiman Marcus

•Weeklong charter of SAMATA or similar vessel (seven nights onboard; based on 2023 rates), including:

•Experienced local crew, including dive master and masseuse

•Entertainment system

•Five spacious onboard suites

•Master suite with private deck

•Bar area

•Biodiesel fuel usage

•Four-stroke outboard motors on tenders, which allow them to run cleanly and more economically

With the purchase of the Yachting Treasure Hunt through Indonesia with Pelorus Fantasy Gift, Pelorus will donate $10,000 to Pelorus Foundation, an independent charity that empowers individuals and local communities to preserve and protect the world’s wildlife and natural land for future generations. Shipping charges, taxes, and additional fees may apply. Gift limited to one. Travel not included.