Natural Sheer Blush

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    More Details Rituel de Fille Enchanted Lip Sheer DetailsInspired by ancient botanicals, these highly moisturizing lip sheers offer translucent yet vibrant color. Bittersweet: A bite-of-a-peach pink. Love-Ache: A warm red made with carmine pigment and a hint of red oxide. Datura: An innocent, blushing pink. Rue: An eye-catching electric pink. Thistle: A cool violet-pink. Bloodroot: Worn sheer, this shade imparts a vibrant amber. With bolder application, it shifts to a powerful blood orange, with alluring translucence and depth. Whitethorn: A shade subtle yet powerful, a silent shifting of the fault line. This fleshy pink is quietly transformative as the ideal shade for amplifying the natural tone of your lips. Devil's Claw: The gently shimmering, hallucinatory vision of a desert blossom. This is a warm red of striking vibrancy, brightened by the subtlest flecks of sunlit gold. About Rituel de Fille: Every Rituel de Fille product is obsessively formulated in-house with the smallest number of ingredients possible. Each carefully selected pigment, oil and wax has a purpose—we use nothing extraneous and avoid fillers. This attention to detail creates intense color and exceptionally long wear while maintaining a velvety texture. Finished products and raw ingredients are all cruelty free. Made with 99% natural ingredients. Synthetic dye free. Synthetic fragrance free. Paraben free. Phthalate free. Sulfate free.