ReFa Expression High Tension Mask

  • ReFa Expression High Tension Mask
  • ReFa Expression High Tension Mask
  • ReFa Expression High Tension Mask
  • ReFa Expression High Tension Mask

ReFaExpression High Tension Mask


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A uniquely designed mask with double hooks that attach to the ears, allowing the sheet to cover the neck where signs of aging tend to appear. This mask's three-layer sheet continually provides moisture and enriched beauty ingredients to illuminate the skin's natural suppleness and elasticity.

Before Using This Mask:
Thoroughly cleanse and dry the face and neck. Apply lotions or other desired liquid skin care products before applying the mask. Use mask before applying any heavy creams or oil-based products.

Apply the mask correctly as shown in the "Guide on How to Use" section of the instruction manual.

The mask comes with ear loops. Prior to use, secure your hair back away from your ears. Also, when using the mask, be careful not to get any of the mask's moisturizing solution on your clothing.

How to Use:
  1. Remove the mask from the pouch and spread the right and left sides with the rounded side directed upwards.
  2. Maintaining the state of the mask as shown in Step 1, lift the mask by its upper part with your fingertips and apply it to your forehead. Adjust the mask to position your eyes behind your eyeholes and tuck in the (1) tabs covering your eyes.
  3. With your nose in the proper position, draw out the cheek sections to smoothly apply the mask over the remainder of your face. Press down the mask to seal off any openings along the side of your nose and other areas.
  4. Once the mask is firmly applied to your forehead, cheeks and nose, spread out both (2) and (3) at the lower part of the mask.
  5. Pull the (2) part of the mask along the contour of your face and loop it over your ear. (The loop will stretch if pulled slightly harder.) Do the same for the other side.
  6. Next, spread the (3) part of the mask and pull it up and over your ear, making sure to enwrap the chin. Do the same on the other side.
  7. Spread the mask along your neck as smoothly as possible. Try to draw it all outwards to eliminate as much of the mask's wrinkles as possible to fit it tightly to your face.
  8. After fitting the mask to your face, remove it when 15 to 20 minutes have elapsed. Apply the remaining beauty ingredients into your skin and follow up with your daily skin care.
A ReFa roller is the result of exceptional attention to detail, achieving not only an ideal fit and balance of applied pressure, but comfort and beauty effectiveness.