Trophy Skin JeNu Plus Infuser and Gel Kit

  • Trophy Skin JeNu Plus Infuser and Gel Kit
  • Trophy Skin JeNu Plus Infuser and Gel Kit
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Trophy SkinJeNu Plus Infuser and Gel Kit


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JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser works with your favorite skincare products provide you with better, faster results.Keep Your Skin Care, Just Add JeNu. Makes Your Skin Care Work 6 Times Better.

The Essential MicroSphere Infusion Gel increases product efficacy when used with the Infuser.
  • Smooth Fine Lines
  • Decrease Deep Wrinkles
  • Soothe Redness
  • Improve Crow's Feet
  • Lighten Brown Spots
  • Relieve Dryness
What's Included:
  • JeNu Plus Infusion Device
  • Charging Dock
  • Infusion Gel, 1 oz.
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
In a recent clinical study:
  • The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser harnesses the power of ultrasound to maximize the absorption of any skin care product you are already using.
  • Propels 6 times more of any skin care product into the skin.
  • Emits 356,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second to gently push more of your skin care products into your skin, so they can work better & faster.
  • Takes just 1 minute to use.
  • 100% safe & pain-free.
  • All claims were proved with the combination of JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser AND JeNu Microsphere Gel. For best results, we strongly suggest using the included Microsphere Gel with each use.
How The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser Works:
We guarantee professional results at a smart price so you can invest intelligently in your skin. Our products are beautifully designed with you in mind – offering a range of effective solutions to address your unique complexion concerns. The future of skincare is here; you'll see and feel the difference immediately.

2 Vital Components To Ultrasonic Infusion:
The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System is designed with two vital components, working together: The Infuser Wand and MicroSphere Conducting Gel. Ultrasound energy, created by the wand, is captured at the surface of your skin by proprietary microspheres (hollow minuscule spheres of protein) in the gel. This energy is then focused on your skin care product(s), pushing more of them into your skin. Since our skin acts as a barrier, skin care products just sit on the surface and either wash off or evaporate. By simply adding JeNu to your existing skin care regimen, you'll get 6 times the absorption of those essential skin care ingredients, so you'll see better results faster.

How To Use:
Apply treatment product of your choice onto clean skin as recommended. Then, place gel on the tip of the ultrasonic infuser, using a pearl-size drop for smaller treatment areas. Press the power button on and gently move the device in a circular motion over the areas you wish to treat for one minute.

If treating the entire face, it's recommended to treat one half of the face at a time and to use a dime-size amount of the gel on each side. If excess gel remains after the treatment, simply wipe it off and use less on your next treatment.

It is best to ease your skin into using JeNu Plus. Start with one treatment per day. If your skin can tolerate the increased absorption, then you may start using it twice a day.

To clean your JeNu Plus after each use, simply run water over the head of the infuser and dry with a towel.
About Trophy Skin:
Founded by Medical Spa practitioner Imran Karim, the brand was born out of his belief that everyone should have access to clinical quality skincare. Instead of expensive and time-consuming trips to the clinic, the Trophy Skin team has developed a line of at-home Tools that are clinically proven and results driven. Harness the power of our proven technology and easy to use design in the comfort and privacy of your home.

With their high-tech beauty tools, they un-complicate skin care routines. Trophy Skin understands that you are curious, smart and do your research to find things that make your life better, whether it is productivity to achieve the utopian work/life balance, the kindest most effective way to get your child to sleep through the night, or a new/high tech way to approach common skin problems.

Trophy Skin's overall mission is to provide the knowledge and tools to feel beautiful, special and important to everyone that wants it. They have hacked the professional beauty services industry and brought those products to you with simplicity, ease and results at an extremely affordable price. Whether you are trying to reverse the signs of aging, slow down the aging process, or have simply exhausted your options for youthful skin, Trophy Skin is your partner in your quest to Discover Your Best Skin.