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    More Details RODIN olio lusso Luxury Lip Pencil Details What it Is: High-definition wooden Lip Pencil specifically developed to complement and coordinate with RODIN's Luxury Lipstick shades. Creamy formula glides on to create a smooth, continuous line. Creates the perfect border and base before lipstick. Enriched with RODIN olio lusso's signature jasmine and neroli oils for the creamiest delivery of color. Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Silicone-free and Sulfate-free. How to Apply: With a sharp pencil tip, outline lips, starting at cupid's bow. Draw desired lip shape, making sure lines are connected and gently blended together. To help extend lipstick wear, fill in lips with pencil to create a lip-stained base. Tough Tomato: A fabulous bright orange red makes most skin tones come to life. Tough Tomato emanates confidence and glamour and is one of Linda's favorite go-to colors. Winks: A shockingly hot pink named after Winky, Linda's constant companion—her adorable and charming silver grey poodle. Optically exciting, Winks is a showstopper and a very alive and striking shade. Billie on the Bike: Inspired by Linda's mother Beatrice, aka "Billie," this violet berry is the shade she wore to ride her bicycle, to work in the garden or to do just about everything! She was forever glamorous! This universal shade can be worn in one layer for a sheer stain of color or multi-layered for a darker, more statement mouth. Red Hedy: This is a classic Hollywood red named in honor of Hedy Lamarr, whom Linda has always found to be completely compelling for her surprising double careers as an accomplished film star in the 1930s and '40's, and as an inventor of technology that helped defeat the Axis power's jamming of Allied radio communications during World War II. Brains and beauty! Beauty and brains! So Mod: Linda's nod to her Twiggy moments in the Mod 1960's and her simultaneous infatuation with Bridget Bardot. So Mod is a nude yet rosy pink that evokes another look with the same impact as the other shades but in a very different way—Linda knows the power of a change up and So Mod was invented for these moments. Country of Origin: Japan Designer